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Welcome to the WCA Portal! 
On this website you are able to register as a coach and user. You will be asked to fill in & upload all the relevant information to ensure your Account Profile is accurate & up to date. This will include items such as Annual Registration; Police Clearance certificates & ID documents etc.
*Please note that certain fields are Mandatory & accounts will not be verified until they are complete.

As soon as your account profile has been verified by our Admin team, you will be able to start purchasing Courses, Workshops, Gala tickets & more through our easy-to-use Shop. You will then be able to log your points towards each Coaching Level's CPD Point requirements, as well as see your total points earned to-date. 

NOTE: To stay up to date, every coach / instructor must earn the required CPD points per year (May-April annually). Point Requirements are different per level. CHECK CPD PER LEVEL REQUIREMENTS here.

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Your use of and registration on this portal means you agree to Terms & Conditions, the SSA Code of Conduct and the Safeguarding Policy
Please check the Footer Links for these plus our Privacy Policy etc. 

Annual Registration Guide

WC Annual Registrations for 2023/2024
Annual Registration is required for all Teachers & Coaches to be recognized by Swimming South Africa (SSA) in order to comply by Western Cape Aquatics moderation process. 

*All Teacher/Coaches are required to register from the 1st of May with SSA through their Provincial Affiliate via their District.
Once your registration is successful you can upload it to your Account Profile here.

If any of the below is not completed and named as requested, your application will be deleted without any notification. 
A confirmation of Annual registration for 22/23 will be send within 15 days via email.

Before uploading your file below make sure your file is named as below:
Certificate number plus name and Surname
1778 Jane Smith - POP 23/24
1778 Jane Smith - ID
1778 Jane Smith - First Aid Level 1 2022 (Must be valid for the season)
1778 Jane Smith- CPR 2023
1778 Jane Smith - Police Clearance 2023 (Biometric or Full police clearance) 
1778 Jane Smith - Code of Conduct 2023
1778 Jane Smith - LTS
1778 Jane Smith - Todswim
1778 Jane Smith - Level 1

All registration payment is via district club/association (except the Ifact clearance application)

By Registering on this portal you are accepting the Terms & Conditions laid out in the Code of Conduct found here.

Information about CPD points & Coaching Levels found here. 

SASCOC Safeguarding Policy Against Harassment and Abuse in All Sport found here.

*Prices is subject to change


Exemptions need to be applied for and granted by WCA Admin. 
Select one of the Exemption Levels offered in your profile and upload letter of exemption provided to you.
Please apply via email to:

*NOTE : If granted an exemption, you will need your points to come from Group A and Group E.

Exemptions from the CPD Rules
1. For Accredited instructors/coaches
The following accredited instructors/coaches are exempted from obtaining full CPD credits:
a. Accredited instructors/coaches who have retired completely and no longer teach and/or coach aquatics.
b. Accredited instructors/coaches who are sixty-five (65) years of age or more, who remain active in aquatics are exempted from the requirement. They are expected to accumulate at least six (6) credits per annum in any of the categories; and
c. Accredited instructors/coaches who take extended leave from aquatics for whatever reason (including but not limited to: Unemployment, illness or incapacitation) must in writing inform their district/provincial affiliate.
d. Classroom based teachers who teach swimming as an extra-mural or extra-curricular activity they are required to submit 6 CPD points per annum.
e. University students who take LTS as an additional requirement, will be required to register and submit 6 CPD points.
f. Teachers who don’t earn an income from teaching swimming will also be required to register and submit 6 CPD points on annual registration.

2.  Should an exempted accredited instructor/coach, listed in rule 2(a) above resume teaching/coaching work without notifying their district affiliate this would amount to misconduct.

 3. Accredited instructors/coaches to whom exemption is granted are required to re-apply for exemption of their registration status on an annual basis with their district/affiliate.

 4. The following grounds are deemed adequate by SSA for partial application of the CPD rules:
a. Partial retirement by any accredited instructor/coach;
b. Accredited instructors/coaches undertaking teaching/coaching work on a part-time basis by working less than 9 hours per week;
c. Teaching/coaching outside the boarders of South Africa.

 5. Should an exempted accredited instructor/coach resume teaching/coaching work or related activities after a significant period during which such activities were not performed, SSA may require the instructor/coach to undertake additional relevant CPD activities or to provide a plan which sets out in detail how the registered person will update their knowledge and ensure that they can perform their responsibilities competently and with due care.

 6. The above exemption are not automatic. A formal application by the accredited instructor/coach to their district/affiliate, accompanied by supporting documentation as well as a sworn statement/affidavit outlining the circumstances and reasons for their application is required, SSA shall then communicate its decision to the member.

Applying for an SSA Course

Application for Swimming South Africa (SSA) Course

The Education and Training Unit of Swimming South Africa deals with all matters related to the growth and development of both the teachers and coaches. 
- The Learn to Swim Teacher Certificate provides candidates with essential competencies to teach swimming and water safety to children at least four years of age. 
- The TodSwim program is aimed at introducing water safety skills to toddlers from ages of 12 months – 48 months.
- The Coaches Level 1 Course is an entry level course to swim coaching. The course is CATHSSETA accredited unit standard-264755, worth 8 credits.  
- The SSA Coaching Artistic Swimming level 1 comprises 1 module containing four (4) credits and Unit Standard 264757 is worth 3 credits. Qualifying learners will acquire the necessary knowledge about artistic swimming, they will be able to plan, implement and evaluate a practice session. They will be able to apply coaching techniques by assessing learner swimming competence and introduce artistic swimming skills to beginners. 

When Applying for any of SSA courses/RPL/Renewal make sure you have all necessary documents uploaded & verified here on the portal in your Account Profile, before starting this application. 
Proof of Payment / Certified ID / Photo / First Aid Level / CPR / Police Clearance (Biometric or Full police clearance) / Code of Conduct.

Compulsory items for Renewals/Todswim Course/ Level 1 Course/Quality Assurance/Porfolio of Evidence are:
- Coaching/Teaching experience in form of letter Explanation what you applying and why
- Proof of Registration for current year 
- Latest CPD points summary you have
- Proof of swimmers on registered TM database

A copy of the SASCOC Safeguarding Policy Against Harassment and Abuse in All Sport is available here


Banking Details of WC Districts
NOTE: Annual Registration/Gala/Swim School costs must be paid into the correct banking details of the Districts.
The Proof of Payments can be uploaded to your Account Profile here.

Cape Town Metro Aquatics
Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 250655
Account Nr: 62764954296

West Coast District Aquatics
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 15460500
Account Nr: 1162994673

Eden Aquatics
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 198765
Account Nr: 1626557950

Cape Winelands Aquatics
Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 250655
Account Nr: 62759195772

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051001
Account Nr: 10106862985


Every instructor and coach is required to earn annual points to maintain current and future coaching levels. The educational year runs 1 May to 30 April.
Points are earned in 4 Categories : A,B,C,D,E. 
There are 3x MANDATORY categories : A,B,E and a specific number of points are required in each of these groups.
The balance of points required for the year will be taken from groups C + D, the Non-Mandatory categories.
*If there are no points in C+D then further points can only be redeemed from Group A points.
Every course or workshop that a coach/instructor successfully completes is worth varying amounts of points in different categories.
Points are valid for 4 years only. Any unused points will fall away.
Note: The point requirements per level may change year on year.

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